Attic Bar Events

Attic Bar Events

Swing n Tingz 26: Tarantola + Electro Swing, Gypsy DJs

Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 20:30
Swing n Tingz 26: Tarantola + Electro Swing, Gypsy DJs

★★★★★ LINE UP ★★★★★

Tarantola - Live Band

Hailing straight from the boot of Italy, Tarantola is a Mediterranean Gypsy-Folk band that brings "Taranta", the traditional music of Salento to the British music scene.
6 energetic musicians who come from different corners of the world including Italy, Brasil, Spain and England.

+ Electro Swing and Gypsy DJ's throughout the evening.

★★★★★★ DETAILS ★★★★★★

Run To Ruffneck Ting! - Attic Takeover Special

Friday, July 19, 2019 - 20:30

Run residents and founders come to battle it out with dub plate fyahhh against the ever armed and dangerous Ruffneck Ting Residentials... Don't miss this Xtraordinary Showdown of two of Bristols original pioneering DNB crews!!! (there may be some double agent business going on though....?)Ft D*Minds Jakes DJ Dazee JINX Kieran K Jah Vytol DnB Jenni Groves TS2W Trafic MC Y.dott Megatron-MC plus debut performance from Soundgyalsaf!

Doors 8.30pm-2.00am
Only £4 entry!


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