Thursday, December 1, 2016 - 21:00
CHK ONE - The Attic bar, Bristol

Artists performing on the night are…

-=-=-=-=-=- TETRAHEX -=-=-=-=-=-
Lofi beatmaker, straight out of south wales, uk. Tetrahex's influences include Burial, DJ Shadow, Flying Lotus, Death Grips, Squarepusher, +ma & J1K Beats. His sound is a mix of Beats, Lo fi and footwork. Check out this heavy footwork track from his 2016 160 ep, it's seriously heavy and we can't wait to hear him shake the Attic.


-=-=-=-=-=- AL KALINITY -=-=-=-=-=-
Al Tanner aka Al Kalinity has played for us a few times now and is a firm favourite here at CHK One. He describes himself as an amateur knob twiddler and button presser, based in Bristol, who enjoys playing live electronics ranging from downtempo to techno, through a hardware setup. His recent sets, especially at submerge festival have been turning heads and we decided to give him a top billing at our final event at the Attic.


-=-=-=-=-=- NADINE DYEN -=-=-=-=-=-
Nadinne Dyen started writing and performing just over two years ago.
Winning a number of poetry slams both locally and nationally. She has gone on to perform alongside artists such as David J, Poetic Pilgrimage Music Saul Williams and Linton Kwesi Johnson. She is now producing an album of spoken words over multi-faceted electronic beats influenced by hip hop, jazz and soul, collaborating with a number of artists.

"I first saw Nadinne Dyen perform at a record label launch. Immediately captivated by her passionate delivery, distinctively emotive tone of voice, content of her heartfelt, gut wrenchingly honest and reflective poetry I was hanging off every word and engulfed by the striking visuals that poured from her." Tanya Lacey

Nadinne Dyen

-=-=-=-=-=- KAWIKA SOUND -=-=-=-=-=-
Pronounced Ka-VEE-Ka
Kawika features mangled vocals, choice snippets of sublime rhodes and wonky cassette samples make a bed of ghostly electronic music inna bristol style. Bittersweet bass music.
Raised on a bass heavy diet, this shapeshifter has spent years cross pollinating the bristol bass scene with stints touring with Dub Mafia and Babyhead.
808's and heartache are now the focus of this fresh producers musical hallucinations.


-=-=-=-=-=- SIMEON SMITH -=-=-=-=-=-
Simeon writes and perform electronic music, produce and plays bass for other artists, he also takes an old Leica camera from 1938 everywhere with him. He’s a bit of a hoarder. As well as an old camera collection and crates full of vinyl, Simeon also has a weakness for guitar pedals and designer toys.

Check out his website