Friday, October 31, 2014 - 20:00
The Full Moon & Attic Bar Halloween Party

THE FULL MOON & ATTIC BAR HALLOWEEN PARTY! Live on stage... GYPSY UNIT Pioners of the 'Gyp-Hop' sound, full of character and bouncy basslines, Gypsy Unit are definitely not your run-of-the-mill Zombie hiphop act. Combining a rowdy, cheeky party vibe with a quirky string section, skull & bones and hooky choruses, their trademark sound makes them one of the freshest acts to hit the Zombie March. ASBO DISCO "When the zombie virus breaks out and the dead walk the earth, The ASBO Disco will still be the wickedest party in the world," The Skints. Need we say more. 25 PAST THE SKANK Deep and heavy synth bass-lines, raw brass hooks, gritty breakbeats, tight chops, percussive licks, intricate turntable techniques and two of the liveliest and funniest front men around..even the Zombies can av it out. Described as 'The Specials on crack' BIG IN LIGHTS Big in Lights exists because life IS about blood and guts, because the good guy does always get the Zombie and because music shouldnt just make you feel dead, it should strip you of your inhibitions and make you feel damn alive. Plus the one and only DJ DAD, STEVIE BEAR, DOC MOODY & PAPAMOOMIN - oops that's 4. Tickets only £5+bf available from Bristol Ticket Shop Doors 8pm til late!!