Future Dub Orchestra / Skylion / Dj Mish

Saturday, February 29, 2020 - 20:30
Future Dub Orchestra / Skylion / Dj Mish

Future Dub Orchestra is the flowering of musical talent that is the brainchild of songwriter, producer and Musician J.T. Clarke. Committed to pushing the musical boundaries to take music in new directions and cites influences as diverse as Dub, Electronica, Reggae, Cinematic Ambient Soundscapes, and Film Music. From the outset the ethos has been that the music should form the centre around which a creative collective can grow...

Future Dub Orchestra’s unique sound is the result of an evolutionary, but truly shared, process that continues through all the stages of composition – lyrics, instrumentation, backing vocals, right up to and including live performance:


DJ MISH - Full Moon

Doors 8.30pm - 2am
£4 Entry!