Slamboree Soundsystem & Vibe Roulette

Friday, September 20, 2019 - 20:30
Slamboree Soundsystem & Vibe Roulette

Slamboree Soundsystem
For those that don’t know about Slamboree - you’re in for a treat! The soundsystem comprises of the dynamic duo of musicman Mike Freear and powerhouse vocalist Kathika Rabbit, packing all the essential Slambo elements into a concentrated dose of fun. Together they have performed across the world adventuring across Australia, Panama, Vietnam, with occasional secret missions to Wales and to many clubs and countless festivals throughout the UK. Expect a circus rave like nothing else you’ve heard before!

Vibe Roulette and have joined forces to bring you the interactive party where audience decides DANCE-FLOOR DESTINY!!!!
At the party core, your hosts MIKE SPASM and MC ROCKY PATCH keep the vibes hyped whilst DJs SLURP and NICK TERRIFIC deliver the tunes.
Its a simple format with a twist, the VIBE ROULETTE wheel sits in the background and YOU can instigate a spin ANYTIME!! Who knows what genre that wheel will land on... and who knows how the DJs will cope!!
From Jungle to Breakbeat, 90s Pop Classics to Disco, TV Theme Tunes to Power Ballads, Dirty Grime to Country + Western!!...
... its all in a spin... so SPIN THE WHEEL and WIN THE VIBE!!

Matt Light & Dahm - Full Moon

Doors 8.30pm - 2am
Only £4 Entry!