Super Sharp Recordings: Live Drum & Bass Special

Saturday, December 14, 2019 - 20:30
Super Sharp Recordings: Live Drum & Bass special

Just in time for Christmas we come with the goodies. 2 live acts and 2 bad boy deejays smashing out the best Drum & Bass the world has to offer.

Collette The Dots
Live Funk, Soul & Jazz orbits a Drum & Bass focus.

Collette The Dots is the brainchild of top Drum & Bass vocalist Collette Warren, who has been working with many of the drum & bass scene’s leading producers for over 6 years and performing all over the world as a solo artist. She has had releases on Soul:r, Exit Records, Innerground, CIA, intrigue Music, Commercial Suicide and many more respectable labels in the underground music scene.

Live Drum & Bass, Liquid, Jungle

Septabeat is live electronic dance music like you've never witnessed before - a fusion of explosive drumming and electronic sounds, an exploration of a new relationship between human creativity and digital technology. With a live show that incorporates elements of a live band and a DJ performance, along with Nu Jazz vocalist Rachel D'Arcy, Septabeat is a game changer in the world of electronic music.

Selecta J-Man b2b The ASBO Disco
Super Sharp Recordings founder fathers squeeze out freshly squeezed rollers all night long.